Wednesday, 3 August 2011

EJART Treasury Challenge's Winner and Giveaway - Don't Miss It!

Please let me introduce to you the Etsy member, Judy, who has won the Purple Treasury Challenge with her Treasury Passionate about Purple. 

Judy has agreed to host a giveaway of these beautiful Swarovski pearl earrings! READ on to see how you can WIN them!

TO ENTER:You must be a member of the Etsy.(click to


  1. 1. Like Judy's Etsy Store: Ju Ju Beader  - 2 Entries 
  2. 2. Like Judy's Facebook Page(Click to view) - 1 Entry
  3. 3. Join Ejart Treasury Promotion Team - 1 Entry
    4. Blog about it and post a link back here. - 2 Entries.
IMPORTANT!***: Comment below or send me a convo on

 etsy at my username: "Ejart

With: your etsy username, and your entries. 

Example entry: Username: ejart, Liked Jujubeader, liked

 facebook, Joined team. 4 Entries.

The winner will be emailed on the 11th August!
Any questions? Post below?

Please enjoy reading her Interview!

  •  How long ago did you begin to design jewelry, Judy? 
    • I started beading approximately 10 years ago as a way to keep myself busy following hip replacement surgery. My Dad was in the jewelry business (fine jewelry/14K/precious gemstones, etc) and he had given me a shoebox full of semi-precious beads years and years ago. This box sat in my basement UNTIL the day I was desperate to do something creative with my hands. I immediately found it to be therapeutic and relaxing though I had no idea it would turn into a business, just as so many others here on Etsy have experienced. I guess you'd call it a "happy accident"? I started out with simple projects and as my skill advanced, so did my designs. I look forward to learning more techniques in the future ... this is only the beginning. 

  • Who and what inspires your jewelry? I'm not certain what inspires me most, but I can say that being creative makes me feel good. I have a wonderful family behind me who inspire me every day in every way. I've had health issues since the age of 17 which have modified my career options in a big way. I have lupus which can cause pain in my joints and muscles. It can cause tremendous fatigue and it has also done damage to my kidneys. However, I choose to live as full a life as I possibly can IN SPITE of the obstacles I encounted due to my condition. Being creative and productive is as important to me as my medicines.
  • What do you think the most attractive thing about being able to buy handmade jewelry?
    I think that handmade jewelry is so much more meaningful than that which is mass-produced. I am so happy when I come across a customer who is appreciative of the time and effort that goes into each and every piece.
  • Where can our readers find your jewelry for sale?You can find my jewelry on Etsy (,
    Facebook ( I also have a blog in which I share my life with my readers. The good, the bad, the ugly...but mostly, it's THE GOOD. (
  • What are you interested in besides designing jewelry?Before Jujubeader (aka Jujubeads), I taught piano to Special Needs children for 25 years. I have a B.S. in Music Theory & Composition. I love to knit and crochet and struggle with not having enough hours in the day to do all of the things I love. But I try to get it all in, as much as I can, when I can. Being creative truly is my salvation.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Get Your Vote On

Congratulations to all those who entered this treasury Challenge.
These are the leading treasuries this week:


If you don't come anywhere this time, make sure to try again next time.
The Winner Gets Featured on this Blog!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Get your Treasury on

Hi Everyone
It's time to enter your next treasury in the new treasury competition.
What do you do? Make a treasury according to these rules:
1. Theme: Up to you
2. Color: Purple
3.. At least 8 EJART member items(one item per shop)
4. Every item needs to be $30 or under.
5. Include "EJART Competion" in your Treasury Title. (can be done in brackets)
6. Include a link to the team in your description:
I won't be partaking in the competition, but all other Etsians are welcome as long as they become members of the EJART promo team.
So, What's my idea of purple?:
It's up to you.

ENTRIES CLOSE in approx 48 hrs! So hurry! 

P.S. Questions? Contact me.

So What Have I Been up to?

Hi Fellow Etsians! It's a cold rainy day down here in Australia, and I'm sitting here shivering on my computer chair.

I've finally got into making BNR Treasuries. So, What is a BNR treasury? Good question. I still not quite sure, but I think I'm closer now! (Please comment and tell me what you think a BNR is)

So, for instance, I've been making these sorts of treasuries(visit these links):

BNR definitely means Buy and Replace.
So I think what is meant to happen is that someone buys something(for whatever price) and posts the transaction link after they've bought something.
Next the curator has to either replace the shop featured that someone has bought something from with an item from the buyer's shop.(If you follow me) But I'm not sure whether you are meant to make a completely new treasury or keep on with the old one. Could someone set me straight?


Friday, 15 July 2011

Congratulate This Week's Winner : Sherry Kay Designs

Let's congratulate this weeks winner in the EJ ART Promotion team!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you: Sherry, who has won the challenge competition with her treasury: Sweet Dreams my Little Prince. 

I hope you enjoy reading about Sherry's craft journey. Don't forget to go by and favorite her shop:
Sherry Kay Designs

  • 1. How long ago did you begin to design jewelry, Sherry? Why? 

 I have been crafting for as long as I can remember and most of my family are crafters also. I've always loved to give and receive handmade gifts. It's just something very special about someone taking the time and care to create something truly special just for you. I started designing & creating jewelry about 5 years ago. Mostly making pieces for friends & family as gifts and just for fun. With their support and encouragement, I decided to sell my jewelry and have done several craft shows and fairs, before joining Etsy.

  • 2. Who and What inspires you?

I find inspiration in just about everything, but I would say color really influences my designs and ideas the most. I'm partial to anything and everything pink and you will see that in alot of my pieces. Also, love the romance & feminine side of vintage pieces and often, like to work them into my designs as well. I have to say that since joining Etsy, I have found so much inspiration here and the amount of talent here is overwhelming. I never tire of browsing the different shops and always find items that really inspire me to create something new.

  • 3. Where can the readers find your jewelry for sale?

My handcrafted jewelry is available online from my Etsy shop: SherryKayDesigns.

  • 4. What do you like to do besides designing jewerlry?

When I am not creating jewelry, I love to do almost anything craft related, such as, scrapbook, crochet and sew. I paint alittle, but mostly folk art pieces. I'm even thinking about adding some of my other crafts in my shop soon. I would love to have a wide variety of handcrafted items that would appeal to anyone with a love for OOAK handmade pieces. I'm constantly working on my shop and adding new pieces and enjoying the whole process of being a shop owner.

  • 5.Tell us a bit about why you like Etsy.

 I love having my shop on Etsy and it really is like having a large community of friends with the same interest and dreams. To create something you think is beautiful and to have others show appreciation for your work is a great feeling. Everyone has been so wonderful and I have made alot really amazing friends since opening my shop. I especially love being a member of the Ejart Treasury Promotion Team and it is so much fun to support and promote other beautiful & talented shop owners. Promoting each other through our treasuries is a great way to meet and support other shops and it's just another way to show your creative side.


Supported by E J ART and Barbie Boutique Basics.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Welcome to EJART Treasury Promo Team Blog

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!
It is my pleasure to be able to make a blog for an Etsy team I created not long ago! 

This blog is going to be the platform for the many treasury challenges and team Events that happen.
 If you stick around, you will see some of our member's amazing handmade creations from Etsy, and perhaps even score a give away! 

 If are a member of Etsy, please join the EJART Treasury Promo Team.